Monday, October 25, 2010

Thanks bound in Family

for hearts that know they are meant to be shared
for warmth one to another that breaks through every form of modern communication
for love that sings in sun and storm
for the growing up years
-cars that broke down and taught us to pray
-sibling spats that were only ripples of love
-mom’s frustration that created the funniest sayings
-identical twins’ unique personalities that could be seen early
-a farm to work and learn what that is as wee ones
-a togetherness bound in a shared livelihood
-‘vacations’ at the county 4-H fair sleeping on the straw
-saturday morning wagons of hay to unload together
-forts in the hay loft
-a pasture to roam (with the cows;)
-tractors to ride
-big back yards to play family badmitton and softball games
-wild growing mint for mint tea
-hopscotch sidewalks
-long driveways to ride bike
-a creative farmer daddy who made up games for us to play
-a twin who was always there—making “us”
for the time since we left the farm
-hard years where love grew stronger
-perseverance as necessity for us all
-plenty of sports to play and keep busy
-another big yard to ‘throw lacrosse’ as sisters
-gorgeous sunsets woven through dark years
-homemade baked goods that need little for an expert baker, mama, to ‘bring to life’
-wednesday ‘sketti’ dinners with milk
-four sister slumber parties in ONE full-sized bed!
-one bathroom to learn how to share;)
-drafty houses that require snuggles and blankets
-late night twin talks after the lights were out
-lots of laughter and lots of love even with nothing else
for college and beyond
-two hands to hold in the front seat on the first trip to college
-sisters who wrote LETTERS to me all through
-phone calls to stationary college dorm room phones
-packages that i got a special key to get them
-summers home and sharing life again
-graduation parties—even shared by three
-‘welcome home’ dinners even for a weekend visit
-late night feel good movies and snuggles
-sisters becoming the only ‘real’ best friends
-weekly cards from mom—boxes hold them now
-4 sisters in 4 states and stronger love still
-precious vacation time taken to visit a sister
-precious vacation time to visit a daughter
-nieces galore…nephews soon too!
-Christmases that grew and the love and joy too!
-cell phones that have made family calling easier
- sister texting as greatest modern invention
-SKYPE with ‘new’ family…husband’s
the more I go away,
the more beautiful home becomes…
thank you LORD for family that
binds my life together
sisters by blood and faith forever
mama in Heaven whose love and laughter remain
papa who prays us all through this life


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