Saturday, October 16, 2010

Everyday Gifts

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Because of the LORD's great love we are not consumed,
for his compassions never fail.

They are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness.”
Lamentations 3:22-23
For every morning that bears Your Great Love
And the Great Love that it bears.
For the promise of not being consumed
that the ferociousness of life that bares down heavily upon us is a small thing to You.
For Your Compassions—Divine Compassions that are infinitely deep
And that they never fail-they are not ‘good thoughts’ or 'wishes',
but realities that our bloodied souls can cling to with every torn and raw fiber.
For a faithfulness from Everlasting to Everlasting.
So perfectly complete, infinitely true that compels us
to proclaim from the depths of our souls upon its recognition
“Great is Your Faithfulness”
My Lord, My God, My Everything.
In Worshipful Thanks I lay before you these Everyday Gifts
born out of Your Great Love
manifested in compassions
and wrapped in faithfulness:
Your crisp fall mornings with breezes and promise of later warmth—Florida style
Friendships that walk with me in every season
For the ‘big’ friends and the ‘little’ ones who round out life
For trusting hearts that enjoy sweet kisses and tickles
For divinely infused patience melded in the folds of a husband’s heart
For the call to pray and the promise of provision
For opportunities to trust in things unseen
For a hole in my heart that aches for God alone
For the sweetness of humanity that can grasp their own hole at tender ages
For dirt to dig in and pools of water for a crawling girl to find
For pee accidents born out of joy in playing
For sweet, sweet memories
For the preciousness of each day of life and it’s fleeting reminders in children who GROW quickly
For hearts intertwined who learn to talk, play and love together
For expectations to release
And joy at the spontaneous to embrace
For the simplest things made adorable by young speech
For the awkward miscues as three year-olds rehearse
For the creative, new thing made in an instant
For nursery rhymes and parts remembered and forgotten
For jeans on chubby one year-old legs
And little shoes that dangle off a stroller edge as scrumptious as an ice cream sundae
For an eager heart to learn to ride a bike
For a patient teacher I call husband and friend
For a will to do it
For the need to learn perseverance
For the need to teach it in how I live
For the heart’s sponge that soaks up encouragement
For a love of Mommy and Daddy that makes him want to love what we love
For a God whose Great Love bears deepest upon us
For His Faithfulness that fills up each day with promise
For Compassions that turn our tortured breaths into deep and peaceful grace


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  1. My amazing wife,

    God has given you such a gift. Reading your posts is a worshipful experience. The Lord will continue to expand your ministry of words as you continue to fan the flame. I love you.

    Your blessed husband.


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