Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Of Their Love I Write

Holding Hands Love Care Images

Through journey long and fields with weeds
Did fall full grain as unknown seed

Through mountain peaks and valleys low
Did oneness grasp and her shoots grow

When sunny meadows met darkened days
Was stronger yet her love displayed

When brows beaten low and dreams disappeared
Was upon his knees that strength appeared

In wilderness of plight and destitute beyond
Calling out from faint hearts a weakened song

In Grace of Father and Mother--the Love Divine
Heard and acted--spirit and human intertwined

So did rise up in love what hell could not defeat
And come to life again in one true heartbeat

So onward did the sweetness of love compel
And walked in songs sprung from a deeper well

Then came a Darkness greater than before
Life ebbed away beckoned by another Shore

Then time did stand still and Perfect Love rose
Leaving souls reunited to bittersweet repose

There were no more mountains to climb or valleys to cross
Standing at the edge of life--facing one final loss

There they stood in the tenderness of tried embrace
Holding on to four decades of a love in time and space

A Voice gently but clearly broke into their midst
Calling her Home to the first and deeper tryst

A tender brokenhearted man submitted to Higher Love
"Arise and go to Jesus" fly, my love, to heights above

I release you to an Eternity I will one day meet
So, then, will earthen love be made complete

AWA 6/2/2010

holy experience


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