Friday, June 11, 2010

Finding Many...

holy experience

On an evening where complaining and escape seemed like my only options (how sad)

I remembered I was overdue for thanks...

for a reason to live
for love
for Life with a capital L
for joy
for hope
for reminders today of lives without much of these things
for children to view the world through their eyes
for health (my family's been really blessed here!)
for Grace...Amazing. Real. Full. Complete and given freely in those closest.
for prayers to pray
and so much more
a God who hears each one
for Truth to be known

and for the little things like:
tickling giggles
and chubby armed hugs
for hands that reach up to hold
for food
for clothes
for warmth
and refreshing cool when I need it
for a sun to shine many days
for clean water
for clean air
for a car to drive
for money to pay for gas
for a wonderful neighborhood to walk in
for Thomas & Friends
Barney & Friends
and their entertaining lessons
and Veggie Tales
that bring home Bible stories better than I have been able to:)
for tags on blankets
for music from crib mobiles
for sound machines

for these things that I don't pursue enough:
An Eternal Word to study
Promises, so many, to meditate upon
A voice of the Spirit to guide in everything if but asked
The inexhaustible riches of Christ that are mine
Power. Resurrection Power to live as I am meant to.
And broken people everywhere who need the Good News
And that I have it to share:)


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  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts ... and, so good to be reminded to be thankful! Also, thanks for your comment on my blog, and for your encouragement to use the words by Henri Nouwen.


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