Thursday, June 10, 2010



The bright clear
air is thick
with the click
of cosmic

Memories fly past--
Bright sparks of
in petition
of my trust.

It is hard to ward
off the pangs
of abandonment,
but the air
holds hope.

In the spattered
scenes of universal
a strand of clarity

Knowing, yet is held
a darkened, shadowy
over my face.

The whole will
not be
tied together
Its bright pieces
fly free.

A circle of endless
light looms
upon the
coming dawn...

...but it is coming
not now.

AWA May, 2000

Though much has come together in my life since I wrote this, I find this still holds true amidst the doubts and fears
the journey prolonged
in this valley of tears...

Oh, how my heart beats for that Coming Day.



  1. Abby, thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and your life with others! I came across your two blogs a few weeks ago (through a link on eQuipping for eMinistry). We are also on staff with Student Venture, located near Omaha, NE. I am at a different season of life than you (we have six grown children and nine sweet grandkids!), and am enjoying sharing more and more of my thoughts on our website, and also on a new blog that I just started up. And I am looking forward to learning from your gift of writing! I love your words under "The inspiration that finally brought me here". Would you mind if I used your words at some point, giving credit to you?
    Thanks again for sharing ...

  2. you have a real gift with words, my friend. thanks for sharing your heart so beautifully...

    here's to longing for that coming day with you...


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